Collector Auto Classes


Antique/Classic Cars & Pickups
Original and unchanged cars 20 years or older and pickups 25 years or older.
Sports Cars
Such as Corvettes, Jaguars, Porsches, etc., original and unchanged vehicles 1968 through 20 years old.
Modern Collectors (15 years old or newer)
A rare, original, limited production model or anniversary edition vehicle that is less than 15 years old and has appreciating value.
Exotic Vehicles (15 years old or newer)
A foreign made vehicle with a minimum value of $75,000.
Classic reproductions or kit cars.
Antique Tractor
Farm tractors 40 years or older. No farm use allowed.
Antique/Classic Motorcycle
Original and unchanged motorcycles through 25 years or older model year.
Vintage Military
Vintage military 30 years or older.
Antique Trucks
Trucks must be 30 years or older. No hauling or farm use allowed. Trucks must have collector license plates and be held as a collector item only.
Street Rod
Modified vehicles 1949 or older that is not original will be considered a Street Rod.
Modified or Customized Show Cars
Modified vehicle 1950 through 20 years old that is not original will be considered modified.
Muscle Cars
“Muscle” cars that are original and unchanged vehicles from 1966 through 20 years old. A muscle car is a small to mid-sized vehicle fitted with a V-8 engine usually generating 300 or more horsepower.